Clinton & Trump – Getting It Right

The majority of us have no inclination to throw a hat into the political ring. Heck, most of us don’t even vote (only 57.5% eligible voters cast their vote in 2012). Yet, we are inundated with political propaganda and opportunities to meet the hopefuls.

Political scientists Kam and Zechmeister conducted research in 2011 that showed the likelihood to vote for a candidate increased by 13% if the individual recognized the candidate’s name – even without any information concerning stance on the issues. (1)

Those seeking political office understand there is power in putting your name in front of the people. Recognize any of these?

name recognition- trump

Donald Trump


H. Clinton name recognition

Hillary Clinton


B. Sanders name recognition

Bernie Sanders


C. Fiorina name recognition

Carly Fiorina

The world of business is not that different from politics. When people think of your industry, you want them to think of you!

Research shows that when individuals are aware of a brand before they are required to make a decision, they tend to sample fewer brands before making a decision and most often chose the brand they already knew. (2) In other words, if your name is already in their head, they will lean toward using your product or service and take less time making their final decision! Who doesn’t want that?

So, how do you get your name out there?

  1. Top of the list – will always bring in the best results: Word of Mouth
    a firm handshake

    Photo credit: (licensed via Creative Commons)

    No one tells your story as well as you. Emotions solidify memories. Give them a smile, a firm handshake, and tell them how your business can solve their problems.


  1. A Powerful Website
    powerful website design

    CTC Grading and Hauling

    Take advantage of technology. Today’s websites can be configured to track repeat visitors, keep track of their actions while they are there and send automated follow-up emails to express how much you appreciate them stopping by.

  1. Tangible Printed Products
    print is powerful for your brand

    LKN Media

    Print is not dead. Potential customers need a reminder to take the next step in making their decision. That mental nudge that says “Hey, don’t forget!” Whether it is large-format banner on the side of the road or a super-cool star-folded brochure, put your solutions to their problems out there for them to see.

  1. Social Media

    social media icons on smartphone

    Share your message anytime, anywhere.

    You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Hey, we know how it goes. Social Media gets pushed to the back burner. Getting work done for the customer is significantly more important. Right? Well, yes, but…


Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes


Photo Credit: Redesign Blog

Imagine if New York City department stores were too busy to update their window displays. They would miss the opportunity to promote their product to spark conversation between thousands of people as they walk by every day.

Picture your website like a store. Individuals must choose to go to there. Important, yes. However, social media is like a window display built into the personal news feed of your potential customers, sparking conversation for their friends.

Put the power of name recognition to work for you!


Your Name – Your Business – Your Message
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